Our vision

 The Origins of JustDrive

JustDrive was created out of two wild cars and fashion enthusiasts, Charles Ratté and Étienne Faucher. Tired of working 40 hours plus per week to get paid with peanuts we decided to take a step towards a change of circumstances. The process was far from easy but with perseverance and some sacrifices JustDrive saw the light of the day. The name itself has a big story behind it. To us, it refers to life and all the obstacles and adventures that surrounds it. The road is just like your path in multiple ways. For instance, there will be stop signs followed by slow zones and fast zones. You might also have an accident or be stuck in traffic. You may even need to take a detour and lose yourself in the process but the destination always remains the same.

Life is unpredictable just like the roadway is.


In life, there will be negative people to try and stop you, some of them will slow you down but on the other hand, a good circle can help you get your speed back. There will be obstacles towards the final destination and there are a lot of things out of your control. It is important to remember that life isn't always a straight line just like the road isn't always perfect. JustDrive is a simple yet meaningful message to keep remembering yourself. We want to inspire people to keep moving forward and to never back down or worry for things out of your control. Let yourself be, be yourself, free yourself and finally,

find your destination and go for it! If you don't know where you're going, you'll never get there!


Our Vision

Here at JustDrive, we are as passionate about our craft as we are with cars. We aspire to offer great and unique quality products that you can enjoy wearing with confidence. Every designs are made and reviewed multiple times to assure that it is ready to be released. We want our community to be as proud as we are when we wear some of our stuff. 


Cars fanatics since we were young, we believe there are some undeniable feelings when you get in your first car: The feelings of freedom, liberty and invulnerability. Therefore we chose to illustrate those feelings not only throughout our brand but our lifestyle. Our gear isn't just apparel; it's an expression of your love for cars and a statement of your untamed spirit. Whether you're conquering the highway or the runway, JustDrive is for those who dare to break free from the ordinary.


By choosing us, you're embracing a lifestyle that merges style and liberty. Expect head-turning designs, premium quality, and prices that won't break the bank.


Gear up, stand out, and embrace the road with JustDrive.


- Charles and Étienne